Wednesday, October 8, 2008


By: Arvin U. de la Peña

One day as I walk on the street, I seea beggar ask money to a beautiful lady.And then for a certain reason the beautifullady refuse to give. That scene was the saddest part of my life I saw happen for a beggar. AsI continue walking I see the church. I immediatelysaid to the Lord " hope your beautiful daughter give something to that beggar ". When I saidthat the one boy walk past beside me carryingan expensive flowers. And then I immediately said to myself, " flowers only good if it is fresh ".

When I already near to the place where I wantto go what comes in my mind is the story of a person in which his life became worst because always escape his responsibility in their house.So I after I think that I immediately go back andas i walk I hear the sound of an ambulance.After a few minutes of walking I saw the ambulance park at the center of the street and many persons seeing of what happen. In my mind I know it was an accident. Huh! I immediately wonder of what happen. The beautiful lady is hit by the car andsome parts of the body is bleeding.

All persons in the scene including me was pity for her situation. As she slowly carried inside the ambulance the boy that walk past beside me bringing flowers get near to the beautiful lady and said, " Don't cry, be strong. Our parents will comewith us to the hospital. I already give the flowers toyour lover ". And as the ambulance go I asked myself" Who is her lover that she give an expensive flowers?,It is a boy or a girl?. How lucky they are. I also said to myself, " That beautiful lady can afford to buy an expensive flowers but even a centavo or a one piso coin cannot give to a beggar." I just laugh and said tomyself again reminding the song of the band Side A"so many questions in life but the answers are so few."

When I go home I helped something to do in the houseand promise to myself that I will only go out to go to a place where I want to go if there is anymore nothingto do in the house. And the lesson I get when i walk is" You can never knew what will happen to your lifewhen you go out or even when you are only inside ofthe house. It is because accident come to a person without notice."

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