Sunday, April 17, 2016


"When I attended Elementary Grand Alumni Homecoming one of the host class gave a speech. I appreciated what he say and I clapped my hands. That is the reason I also make this speech. I wrote this not for the intention that I'm the one who will deliver the speech when our hosting come."

By: Arvin U. de la Peña

Good evening!

To my fellow graduates in this school, to the teachers, and to my batchmates again good evening. Tonight is not a night of happiness, but a night of reminiscing the past. Tonight in this school we remembered our childhood, we remembered our plays, playing around everywhere. Inside and outside the room. We remembered our teachers, that taught us how to read and right, we remembered our teachers that discipline us when we are out of control.

In this school, the Congressman Alberto T. Aguja Memorial Central School we started our dreams in life. In this school we mold our ambition to what we become in a near future. Because our teachers told us to write down on a piece of paper what do we want when we grew. Some are successful, some are failed. But failures is not a reason to give up. 

In this school, the Congressman Alberto T. Aguja Memorial Central School when we are still here that's the time we started to have a crush on classmate or a schoolmate. That's the time we started to admire fellow student, a deep admiration that goes to love. We used stationary paper to express the feelings. Some have a relationship at the exact age and some they got married.

Throughout the years even if we are out already of this school. Even if we are in other places if we saw elementary students or elementary school we remembered this school. Because this is the school we started to study and brought where we are now. 

The laughters and joy, the sorrow and pain when we are studying here is hard to forget. This evening ladies and gentlemen let's enjoy remembering our past, when we are kids.

And before I end up my speech. I want to share all of you here a qoute. A quote which I read several years ago. 

"Graduation does not mean you will be apart from school, but rather you will always be a part of it."

Thank you very much..........