Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Only You

* Taong 1999 ng isulat ko ang poem na ito. Ito ang pangatlo kong poem na sinulat. Ilang taon muna ang lumipas bago ulit ako nakasulat ng poem. Ang hirap kasi pag english na words kasi di ako sanay mag english*

By: Arvin U. de la Peña

Since that we've meet
No anymore lonely in my eyes
Everyday my life is wonderful
Full of joy and happiness.

Like a star in the sky
Is what my feelings
Very high from others
Hard to reach.

Thus, wherever I go
You're always in my memory
Even that I have a problem
I never think to forget you.

Because I fall in love with you
How happy I am
If I am thinking
That we would be together someday.

For only you already in my heart
A very best that happen to me
That inspired me
To work hard and efficient.

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