Sunday, April 5, 2009


"It is the greatest mistake of your life if you fall in love to a person who don't like you."

By: Arvin U. de la Peña

It's hard to let you go
Let someone love you
While I'm here still dreaming
That you are my girl.

As I always remember you
Thinking how happy I am
When you are beside me
I can't take you are with him now.

I know it's my fault
Falling in love with you
While I am not the one
Who is the like of your heart.

So much heartache now in me
I can't sleep well at night
Just because of loving you
In a wrong place and time.

If this is the price I've got
Slowly I will accept
I hope it won't last longer
So that I can move on.


julie said...

I know how painful it is that you are feeling right now. But do not lose hope because, it is better that you fight for your love than never know how it is if you have not. Keep the faith. Someday she will see you. There is no perfect relationship in this world. Not ever her's. Who knows one day she will be free. And you will be there for her pain.

Unknown said...

Nice poem friends U have good talent please keep up :)