Monday, December 1, 2008

Reminder (as a promise)

*This girl is my cousin who live in Virginia Beach, USA. I wrote this poem for her as a promise when we talk that i will make poem for her and post it in my blog.*

(If there is mistake on a grammar sorry because i am not good in english, hehe.)

To: Kathleen A. Romualdo ( my cousin )
From: Arvin U. de la Peña

Walk in good faith
Just like you're a superstar
Most people are dreaming
They become like you.

Make life meaningful everyday
Let your worries be calm
For all we knew
There is a solution for a problem.

Don't run for the failures
Face it and make adjustment
For those succeed in life
Have experience first how to failed.

Think you're not alone
Everbody has someone who love
It is because of love
We are here living.

Accept what you are now
Don't be jealous to others
Life in this world
Each of us have different lifestyle.

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